BuddyBate Masturbation Club


It’s like a book club, but nowhere near that boring!

We’re going to be teaming up with BlokeToys men’s sex shop throughout 2017 to offer our readers something new, then share our experiences!

On the first of every month a new item will be selected by the BlokeToys and BuddyBate teams to offer our readers, at the lowest price possible. It might be a new masturbator, a new lubricant, a cock ring or even a prostate massager.

Readers can get their new product for the lowest price possible, enjoy it for a month, then share their opinions and discuss their experience on the blog.

Every month there will be something new for you to try, either alone or with a partner/friend.

This is a great way to encourage our readers to try something new, to invest in their pleasure a little more, affordable and fun.

It’s a great chance to explore new pleasures and be a part of a like-minded gathering all enjoying the same thing as you and swapping experiences.

Who knows what you might discover about yourself in the process?

Come and make 2017 a little more interesting with us as we explore.

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