buddybate: One of the best things is sharing …


One of the best things is sharing some wanking toys with a buddy. I got a couple of mates into wanking together with a fleshlight. One mate of mine who I was sure I would never get to wank with came over to my flat after the pub one night and I’d left my fleshlight in the living room after having a wank with it that morning. He had no idea what it was and never seen or used one before. He got so turned on when I opened it up and he saw the fleshy pussy opening inside. I was feeling confident so I offered to show him it. He didn’t seem to mind the porn playing or my cock being out, he watched me lube up and slide into it, then got his cock out to wank off too. i offered him the sleeve and he slid it down on his dick. He turned out to be one of the best wank mates, so confident and horny all the time. We shared some great cock stroking sessions after that.

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Nothing wrong with a couple of buddies enjoying their best toys together!

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